web hosting

If you have a company and it doesn’t have its own web page, it feels like it doesn’t exist. Your company is losing the chance of being recognized to the world. On GlobalGIS we offer you the possibility of ending this problem with our service of web hosting.

Why buy a web hosting?

For your company’s web site, you need a hosting and a ideal domain. Thanks to GlobalGIS you can create web pages as a professional without touching a line code.

Our hosting services for web pages are design for clients that want to have internet presence, with the security that your web site will be on experts hands.

You’ll get configuration with a clic, generous storage and bandwidth, periodic resource updates and will have the SSL certificates security, improving the confidence with your clients knowing that they are protect against cyber attacks.

Anyway, you could have access to corporate emails to give your company seriousness and professionalism. You can opt for Google Gsuite service that will improve the corporate emails’s experience and management, in this way to keep contact to your clients and automate processes with this incredible tool of business management.

Our web hosting offers the following services:

  • Our web hosting offers the following services:
  • Domains.
  • Web Hosting.
  • Security SSL certificates.
  • Hosting Cloud.
  • Corporate emails.
  • Corporate emails Gsuite.

What is a domain?

A domain is an unique name that identifies a web site on Internet. The domain’s principal purpose is translating the IP addresses of every active in the network, to memorable terms easy to find.

What is Web Hosting?

web hosting is a service which provides you an space in a server for hosting a web site. Every web site on internet find itself hosted in any place and that place is called web hosting.

Inside the web hosting world exists a great variety of site hosting ways, the most common are:

  • Shared webhosting.
  • Hosting reseller.
  • Private virtual servers.
  • Dedicated servers.
  • Corporates emails.
  • Gsuite corporates emails.

What is SSL Certificate?

The abbreviation SSL answer to the english terms (Secure Socket Layer) which is a security protocol that guarantee your data traveling in a full and safe way, so, the data transmission between a server and a web user, is totally encrypted.

In other words, math algorithms are used and a password system that are just identified between the person that browse and the server.

What is a Hosting Cloud?

It’s a web hosting platform on virtual servers that take its computer resources from broad underlying networks formed by physical web servers. Its model is similar to the public traditional supplies like light or gas, in the sense that is known like a service, more than as a product. The idea consist on the client connecting to the service as much as they need, in function of its web demand and pay just for what really use.

What is a corporate email?

It is called corporate email because in this way (having an own domain that coincide with the name, brand or a company social reason) it difference itself from personal email addresses that are generally offer by the different email servers on Internet (Gmail, Outlook, and others). Most of the cases the employers and workers are assigned for a direct communication and just with labor purposes, putting the persons name like a mailbox.

What is GSuite?

It’s a google service that provides various products from google with a domain name personalized by the client. It have many web applications with similar functions to the suites traditional office automation, including Gmail, hangouts, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Groups, News, Play, Sites y Vault.