GlobalGIS have professional qualified staff for satisfying our clientes, on Geographic Information System (GIS) applied to the Digital Intelligence of Business. Our GIS solutions, are materialized in Web Mapping Applications and Geomarketing Study.

What is  web mapping?

It’s the application of Geographic Information Systems on web, though an interface web which allows the user not just geocartographic representation visualization whenever and wherever they want, but also allows any user, without being an expert, analyze and edit spacial data for creating and sharing online maps in a simple and fast way. In this way web mapping can be integrated to different ways of visualize information, for example, an infographic or an web mapping pocket application in a mobile.

Every time the wep mapping applications win more space in the business world for searching multiple solutions and answers where things are happening. The web mapping develop in a future, will replace desktop SIG clients, because everyday standards, processes and forms of sharing and using spacial data on web, are getting better.

What is Geomarketing?

It’s a GIS marketing solution that allows an analysis of the area of business operations though the geolocation of potencial clients, special areas for establishment of points of sale, installation of new branches, competence study, placing them on a digital map (GIS) or printing them though symbols with personalized colors.

Geomarketing study facilitate bosses, merchants, or company owners to take relevant decisions based on items or niches which it uses. Today, GIS technology, with geolocation data available though social media and mobile dispositive, that can be obtained though the BIG DATA process, help this marketing strategy to continue to increase in power and capacity.