inteligencia digital de negocios

From a while ago, the words “Digital Intelligence of Business” are winning weigh, and attention for the companies. We can define it as a process of improve that integrates in the companies with the target of collecting data and offer its digital activity (web pages, online market, blogs, etc) transform, interprete, and turn it into information, in order to use it for making decisions with a high possibility of success.

Digital intelligence would be the part of the company intelligence that focus on digital environment, the exception of the traditional company’s digital intelligence, to complete the generation of online information, previous to making decisions.

Digital Intelligence of Business’s applications to online market.

For online market, this new communication can be identified by analyzing data, the means of consumption help to know the consumer of our online store, in that way, on an efficient mode, offer the products and services that your profile can demand.

Importance of Digital Intelligence of Business

The methodology of digital intelligence brings importance to the steps for an obtention, transformation, and data analysis. A good implementation of digital intelligence processes. Searching new business opportunities. In the finding.

Our services of Digital Intelligence of Business

Between GlobalGIS’s innovative discipline services, there are also:

Web design

We provide web pages designs thinking about the client’s autonomy and independence, allowing all the freedom for manage your web site thought WordPress, a platform that is world leading on content management, and it works for controlling everything: links, menus, images, videos, banners, and others.

Brand design and corporate image analysis.

Brand design and corporate image analysis.
Branding is a decisive point when it’s time to decide what product, service, or provider to choose. The recognition of a logotype or a name gives itself in the consumer’s mind, is the definitive argument of a big part of the target audience or target, for performing a bought.

As logotypes and names providers, we expand your brand’s concept basing us on a targets study, products, services, and the company philosophy. Also we consider the mission, vision, and values as indispensable elements for your image and corporate design in all aspects.

Digital Marketing

We develop an appropriate planning for impulsing the communication with your clients in online ecosystem.

The big projects start here. Tell us what your business is and we will help it growing, we increase your notoriety to customers and competition in search engines and social networks, in the middle of successful strategies implementation for take into account your clients, like a way of generating an homogeneous growth for both of us.

We have a professional specialized and creative team, attached to a philosophy that is focus on the simplicity and the results, great rigor on the execution and confidence

SEO optimization

Search engine optimization is a priority on Digital Market. What is SEO? Simply web site optimization for improving its position on search engines results, so, try on your web site Google, Bing, Zafari users or any other search engine. GlobalGIS have experts on methods and strategies of SEO.

Social Network

Another fact that can’t fail on Digital Market is social networks use, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Whatsapp, Telegram, and others.

The use of social networks can help to raise your audience and convert interested people, to potencial clients in a significant way.

This is the Digital Market area, we have qualified staff for management your social network and its audience answer. Analyze, evaluate, and create content, the target is to raise branding and traffic to your website, and improve your SEO position, reducing long-term expenses.

Web analytics 

For planning and executing strategies of digital marketing, it’s necessary the massive obtention of data for its posterior processing, analysis, and results measurement, in order to met the set objectives, either be increase organic traffic to your web site, getting new customers and another goals that are supposed to get.

There is the importance of this practice for today business world, that is so competitive and hardened. That’s why GlobalGIS have specialized staff in the use of the analytics web best tools, that will definitely help you at the time of making strategic decisions for your business or company.